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Below you'll find client comments on the services I have provided. Names and locations have been changed to protect confidentiality

    Attorney Robert J. Basil, The Basil Law Group, New York, NY

    I am an attorney practicing in the New York City area.  I have been an enthusiastic customer of Mick Elliott for about 10 years.  He has helped me to locate assets for collection, to undertake internal investigations, to perform background checks on my clients' prospective business contacts, to assist in criminal defense work be finding information regarding adverse witnesses, and to provide any number of other investigative services.  He has earned my highest recommendations for ability, service, and ethics.

    Susan L...,Santa Monica, CA

    After 10 years of dealing with numerous divorce and business attorneys, accountants and a collection agency in a very convoluted and "ugly" divorce, I finally found "Mick." His diverse approach to investigating, and problem solving along with his background experience in addition to the personal comfort level that he inspires, proved to be the recipe for success in moving the divorce case forward and in a positive direction for me.

    He listened, asked questions, and ultimately provided what I feel is the most productive direction and service in getting my divorce nearer to a final settlement. Possibly even more important is the confidence I attained knowing that in addition to his most thorough research, I can count on him to put forth his best efforts. He comes through! I believe he is strongly effective because of his law enforcment/government security/business/and financial experience. To me, just as important is his sense of urgency and personal concern when unexpected tactics by my former spouse relating to personal security problems pop up, and when data is needed last minute for case purposes.

    I am also very impressed by his balance of interests he has in his successful business, his family and his impressive background in travel and photography. It is easy to see how he can understand not only the financial and legal strain his clients are experiencing in a their situation, but also (in my case) the personal effect that a divorce has on a person. I highly recommend Elliott Investigative Services and would like to see more people in a divorce situation go to him first and then hire the attorney instead of the other way around. Had I known about him years ago, I could have come out from under the "dark cloud"of the divorce legal trap much earlier.

    Robert D...., Portland, OR
    "Mick worked very hard on my case, trolling through court records and working with his numerous contacts to obtain information I could have never gotten on my own. He was able to get the information quickly, treated me in a thoroughly professional way. Mick also was very clear about what information was likely to be expensive to get, but of low value in my particualr legal case--that gave me an opportunity to control expenses of the investigation. I would recommend Mick to other clients very enthusiastically."

    Kathy B..., Santa Clarita, CA
    “If you want the job done right… Elliott Investigative Services is the undeniable choice. I spent hours and hours waiting in line and filling out reports at the police station, with no results. Frustrated and feeling helpless, I contact Elliott Investigative Services for help. Within 24 hours they had all the information that I needed, helped me to take the action needed, and after months of feeling helpless and afraid, my problems were over! They are professional, trustworthy, and have the expertise to get the job done right the first time. But more importantly, they’ve given me peace of mind! Thank you Mick, you are my hero!”

    Jennifer H..., Thousand Oaks, CA
    "Mick began doing work on my behalf about four years ago, and I have found him to be very professional, effective, ethical, and discreet. I have been very pleased with the way he has handled assignments for me, and extremely pleased with the outcome. In a very ethical manner, he has discovered information that I would not be able to obtain myself, and he has done it in a manner that has been cost-effective as possible. Four years ago, I was hesitant about using a PI, but I was referred to Mick through an attorney since it appeared that surveillance was the only option to prove what I needed to prove in family court. I have also referred a friend of mine to Mick, who was also happy with his work. Through his efforts, an undercover operation was established and the evidence gathered was without question extremely helpful in my court case."

    Mike Kovacs, Las Vegas, NV
    I have known Mr. Elliott for many years and he has assisted me with my investigative needs on many, many occasion. He is the consummate professional, knowledgeable, easy to work with, and I highly recommend him for your investigative project.