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After 26 years of federal law enforcement service, Mr. Elliott retired from the FBI in 1999 and formed Elliott Investigative Services, Inc (EISI). EISI is a licensed and insured California private investigations firm--CA Lic #21400.

In addition to Mr. Elliott's wide range of experience in a multitude of investigative disciplines, EISI uses only the most up-to-date database information designed to successfully resolve your investigation.

Mr. Elliott is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)/investigator-certification awarded by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners--an organization recognized world-wide as the gold standard for fraud examiners/investigators



Extremely focused and resourceful individual with a solid record of excelling in high pressure situations requiring superior analytical, problem-solving, investigative, decision-making and written and verbal communication skills. Strong liaison and exceptional interpersonal skills with a positive professional demeanor. Able to determine client needs and manage personnel efforts to successfully deliver expected results in an efficient manner. Diligent professional with experienced career history and strong professional reputation.


Elliott Investigative Services, Inc - A California Licensed Private Investigative Firm-Calabasas, California
October 1999 - Present

Founded this firm to provide attorneys, corporations, government entities and individuals with various investigative services designed to address their needs, resolve major issues and achieve goals.

Although I'm qualified to investigate a multitude of matters, the bulk of my assignments involve the following:

1. New business partner due diligence
2. The uncovering of hidden assets associated with lien litigation, business purchase structure and in the family law arena--uncovering of hidden community property, "fitness for parenthood" investigations and custody issues.
3. Trust Fraud Investigations
4. Investment fraud investigations
5. Real Estate Investment Fraud
6. Business Fraud (embezzlement)
7. Business competitive intelligence analysis and investigations
8. Pre-employment background investigations
9. Witness statements and interrogations
10. Surveillance (static and mobile)
11. Complex undercover investigative operations and handling of undercover assets


Through diligent investigative work, I've identified millions of dollars associated with hidden assets, income tax fraud, investment fraud and business fraud.

96.7% of all persons investigated by EISI were determined to have hidden community property assets, were untruthful with their financial statements or had something negative in their background which my clients knew nothing about.

Author of a chapter in the book "Business Security-Protoect Your Business Against Threats Internally and Externally; Chapter One, page 66, Business Espionage Prevention; Crary Pubilicist, 2004

Article in the September 2011 issue of Fraud Magazine- "Taking a Financial Pulse--the use of Uniform Commercial Code filings during asset profile investigations."

January 2012 guest on blogtalkradio--Abuse Freedom Live--discussions of divorce abuse and the importance of financial asset profiling for equitable community property distribution.

October 1986 - October 1999--Special Agent

Completed sophisticated, highly complex sensitive investigations requiring extensive multi-tasking, cross-functional coordination and logistical evaluation, noting subtle issues and formulating thoroughly supportable conclusions.

  • Employed a wide variety of methods to gather and analyze information regarding investigative efforts.
  • Elected class speaker for FBI Academy graduation.
  • Served in Washington D.C., San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

NAVAL INVESTIGATIVE SERVICE (Now NCIS)--San Diego, Norfolk, VA, Europe, Philippines
July 1979 - October 1986 Special Agent

Fulfilled various assignments including Squad Supervisor, Special Agent Afloat and Firearms and Defensive Tactics Instructor.

  • Served at Miramar Naval Air Station (San Diego), U.S.S America Aircraft Carrier (one year independent duty), Naval Station Subic & Naval Air Station Cubi Point, Republic of the Philippines, and Naval Station, San Diego, with responsibility for conducting various criminal investigations to include sabotage, arson, fraud, embezzlements, physical assaults, thefts, counterintelligence and counterespionage investigations.
  • In the Philippines, in addition to other investigative duties, held accountable for briefing US civilian and military personnel in regards to indigenous terrorist threats requiring close liaison with Philippine government authorities.
  • While aboard the U.S.S. America aircraft carrier, in addition to conducting investigations in all criminal areas. I also functioned as key member of Advance Team for foreign port visits in Spain, Scotland, England and Greece in addition to serving as Foreign Police Cooperation Liaison. Instructed criminology courses through an off-campus program affiliated with Southern Illinois University and Southern Texas University.


College Park, Maryland--(1969-1972), Bachelor of Science, Education

CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, San Diego, California--Graduate Studies (1973)

NCIS Traning Academy, Alexandria, VA-- (Oct 1979- Jan 1980)

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (Firearms and Defensive Tactics Instructor School), Glenco, GA-- (July 1981)

FBI Traning Academy, Quantico, VA-- (Oct-1986 to Feb 1987)


1. J. Edgar Hoover $100 cash incentive award--4/16/1970
2. Naval Investigative Service Director's Cup nominee- 11/26/1980
3. Letter of Appreciation, Naval Legal Service Office, Norfolk, VA --8/31/1982
4. Letter of Commendation from Director, Naval Investigative Service--3/23/1983
5. Letter of Appreciation, Naval Legal Service Office, Norfolk, VA--4/17/1983
6. Letter of Appreciation from Provost Marshal's Office, Subic Bay, Philippines--12/238/1983
7. Letter of Appreciation from Commanding Officer, Naval Investigative Service, Philippines--9/18/1984
8. Letter of Commendation from Commodore P.D. Butcher, Commander, Task Force 73/75-Philippines--7/16/1985
9. Letter of Commendation for performance in exercise "Kennel Guard", Philippines--9/9/1985
10. Letter of Appreciation, Commanding Officer, Naval Investigative Service, San Diego, Ca--7/3/1986
11. Letter of Appreciation, Regional Director of Operations, Naval Investigative Service, San Diego, Ca--10/28/1986
12. Elected class speaker for FBI training graduation class- 2/1987
13. FBI operational Letter of Appreciation--6/11/1988
14. FBI $750 cash award--2/21/1990
15. FBI Quality Step pay increase-4/2/1990
16. Personal letter from President William J. Clinton upon retirement from FBI--10/13/1999


Society of Former FBI Special Agents
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Association of Former Intelligence Officers

References available upon request.