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"Without integrity, nothing else matters. With integrity, nothing else matters." ... Former U.S. Senator Alan K.Simpson

Serving Ventura/Los Angeles Counties and surrounding areas

As your Private Investigator, Certified Fraud Investigator/Examiner (CFE) and Retired FBI Special Agent, I can provide Nationwide Investigative Services For Attorneys, Businesses and Private Persons in the areas of:

1. Uncovering Hidden Assets in Family Law Litigation

My job is to make the playing field even. Of the over 700 cases Iíve had in uncovering hidden assets, Iíve never had a case wherein itís the wife hiding the assets. Not to say that isnít possible, but itís always the husband who is hiding the assets and this planning begins about six months prior to any separation/divorce action. Give me a call if you believe there are hidden assets to be found and as your Private Investigator, I will find those assets

Testimonial-- "I hired Mr. Elliott to insure I got my fair share of marital assets. I was certain my ex-husband was trying to hide assets from me either through his business or through secret banks accounts and investment accounts. Mr. Elliott found all of the hidden assets. I am very grateful for his diligence, professionalism and the mere fact that his investigation allowed me to be treated fairly during my divorce process. I won't hesitate to recommend this Private Investigator to anyone who has the same issues I had. " Susan P...Boston, MA

2. Business Partner/Investor Due Diligence--Are you considering investing in a business, bringing in a new business partner or investing your money privately with someone?

Know who you're dealing with before taking these steps. If you are considering hiring a new business partner, protect the reputation of your business by being certain the person you are hiring is of high character and professonalism. As your private investigator and financial fraud investigator, my skills are uniquely situated for investigative scenarios of this nature.


"As an entrepreneur, one relies heavily on experience, knowledge and your entrepreneurial flair for the business. Owning and running your own business successfully is a challenging and demanding task. Starting new businesses and buying businesses out of bankruptcy, obtaining investor funds are even more challenging and the 'old gut feel' on new partners or management or investors is just not good enough anymore."

"Today's communications technology creates avenues for those who wish to hide or camouflage important information that will swing a decision. It has become imperative for me as an entrepreneur to utilize external professional skills and experience to not only protect me against fraudulent or false information, but to help me in making the right decision before entering into a potentially risky business agreement. Mick Elliott is such a source whom I found professional, hardworking and delivering facts to enable decisions. I recommend Mick with confidence to other clients." Johan Claasen, San Diego, CA.


"Mick worked very hard on my case, trolling through court records and working with his numerous contacts to obtain information I could have never gotten on my own. He was able to get the information quickly, and I was treated in a thoroughly professional way. Mick also was very clear about what information was likely to be expensive to get, but of low value in my particular legal case--that gave me an opportunity to control expenses of the investigation. I would recommend Mick to other clients very enthusiastically."...Richard H. Seattle, WA


"I am a CPA and deal with very high-end clients. Four of my clients wanted to pool their money and invest in a business. I hired Mr.Elliott to conduct due diligence on the business and the business owner. I was shocked to learn the business owner and his spouse had dozens of litigations as a defendant, his spouse had filed for bankruptcy and there were many other red flags. I suggested to my clients their investment of $2 million dollars was not a good idea. I would quickly recommend Mick to other clients without hesitation."...James R. (CPA), Ipswitch, MA

3. Identifying Assets to Lien On--Call me first before hiring an attorney. It's best to know if the person you want to lien against in fact has any assets before you spend money on attorney fees. Allow this Private Investigator to help you with those questions.

4. Pre-employment Investigations


"Our company has used Elliott Investigative Services 3-4 times to do background checks on potential new employees being considered for sensitive positions with our company. The service is professional, top quality, detailed, prompt and fair in cost. What else could you ask for? How about the principle being an easy going and friendly guy that makes the entire process uncomplicated and simple? Elliott Investigative Services is a really good company that I highly recommend." James D., Encino, CA.

5. Have you been the victim of Identity Theft and your identity was used fraudulently and now you are being prosecuted by the authorities for something you didn't do?

Testimonial--"My identity was stolen and the people that stole it were part of a group of criminals who used my identity to lease and purchase expensive vehicles. I am being prosecuted for something I didn't do. Working with my attorney, Mr. Elliott via his investigation was able to clearly demonstrate I was no responsible for these acts. I am very grateful for his efforts." Abisik P., Los Angeles, CA.

6. Civil Litigation Due Diligence

Testimonial--"I typically don't write testimonials, but feel I should share my experience for those "on the face" -whether they should use Elliott Investigative Services.

I was referred to Mick by my attorney, and wish I would have called him sooner. In the midst of a lawsuit, my attorney was about to make a "Motion to Compel" with the court. The party suing me, refused to turn in vital information that would be very favorable for my case, and hurtful to theirs. Needless to say, they refused to turn it in; even after Three lengthy and costly letters my attorney wrote to their attorney. I tried finding the court documents myself, directly with the court's online system, and through, and was unsuccessful.

Long story short, instead of going through a frustrating and costly process of a Motion to Compel, I decided to Call Mick. He provided the information I needed within 48 hours of my payment AND saved me *approximately* *Five to Seven Thousand Dollars*!-that my attorney quoted me to complete a Motion to Compel. Save yourself the money, time and frustration-Call Mick." Alex P.--Woodland Hills, CA.

7. Other Investigative Services

If you have investigative requirements not mentioned above, give me a call and let's discuss your needs. With over three decades of investigative experience, I'm certain I can be of assistance.

Let me help you solve your problem by putting my experience to work for you!

Achieving Your Goals

As your Private Investigator and retired FBI Special Agent, it is my goal to achieve your stated goals and objectives--in the most discreet and professional manner possible. It makes no difference where you're located, Elliott Investigative Services (EIS) can help you with your problem.

As your private investigator, you'll benefit from a thorough, cost effective, and accurate investigation, with the end result being a complete, understandable, well-written investigative report.

Professionalism and Experience

Your investigation will benefit from an unequaled degree of professionalism and experience in addressing your individual needs.

When you select Elliott Investigative Services to assist in solving your problem or meeting your information needs, you are benefiting from over 35 years of investigative experience, and the valuable network this experience brings.

Elliott Investigative Services uses the most reliable, accurate database information and techniques to conduct your investigation.

Free Consultation

If you have an investigative issue that you would like to discuss, I am available to discuss it with you. Your initial 30 minute consultation with me is free either by telephone or in my office.

After carefully listening to your situation and concerns, I will provide you with an investigative analysis, explain to you exactly what I intend to do, how long it should take, and what it will cost.

You have absolutely nothing to lose--except your problem! Call or email now for your free consultation.

"As your private investigator, you have my personal guarantee your investigation will be conducted with the highest level of integrity, ethics, and professionalism--backed up with the expertise gained through my extensive experience, and worldwide associate network"...John M. Elliott, President, EIS.

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--John M. "Mick" Elliott-President, Elliott Investigative Services, Inc